Interior Designer will help you make functional spaces

Select educated Interior Designer with full of ideas. If you need interior design or styling to your house, second home, summer home, office, for one room, for whole house, public space, shop, cafe, new build or fixer upper I’m here to help you design your space, contact me!

Interior designing for companies

Do you wonder over how to make your office as efficient, functional and employee friendly as possible, but you really do not know where to start? I can come over to check the situation and make suggestions of the interior design as a consultant or I can make full interior design plan for you. What ever works best in your situation.

Toimiston aula yritysväreillä. Mustat huonekalut, joita piristetty yrityksen brändivärillä: oranssilla.
  • Offices
  • Retail spaces
  • Coffee shops
  • Service points

Interior design for homes

Have you just bought your first home or have you lived in your current one already a long time that it is about time to fix some surfaces? Your summer home is in desperate need for a fix up after you inherited it from your parents. In situations like this the Interior Designer is an excellent help and sees the potential of the space, helping you create a home that looks like you.

Valkoinen ja raikas skandinaavisen valkoinen keittiö. Skandinaavista väripalettia on lämmitetty tummilla puunvärisillä tuoteilla ja sisustusesineillä.
  • Homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Styling
  • Outdoor areas (terraces)

3D Visualisation

3D visualisation helps you to understand and see the space in real. The visualisation helps you in your decision making eg. for furnitures, because the dimensions are easier to comprehend.

I make 3D visualisation of all my designs, so that is easier for you to see the end result.


When you need a confirmation to your own vision or you need help to get started, is consultation the best service for you. I make observations of the space and give you options. I can help by measuring or I can help by selecting the colour scheme or just the curtains.

Maalimalleja sekä laattoja

In consultation I will meet you at the location and give my suggestions to change the space. Consultation can also be done online with images, measurements and layouts (if available). Your geographical location is not an obstacle for the consultation or execution of the plan.

Project management

Project management will be always agreed with you separately. I will decide with you the limits of the interior design: do you want the design completed as “turn key” or do you want only part of the management to be done (quotation rounds for furnitures or textiles, contractors etc.) and you take care of the rest yourself.

Image of different stainless steel counter tops.

In its widest the project managements includes the whole execution of the interior design. I will make the quotation rounds and supervise that everything goes as agreed. Project management is always quoted separately.

First visit at the location is free of charge in Lahti region and the quotation is not binding. Contact me!